South Jacksonville working to improving broadband internet

By Ryne Turke on May 4 at 8:06am

The topic was brought up during Monday’s committee meeting at the Village Hall Board Room.

South Elementary School is beginning to make use of the broadband internet connection, but as South Jacksonville Village President Gordon Jumper notes, the plan is to expand beyond just one school.

“It was designed to be the entry point for broadband internet capabilities not only through the school in Jacksonville and South Jacksonville, but also potentially for residences and business owners as well.”

Jumper says Illinois Rural Electric has taken the lead for making this broadband service possible. He believes this service is the way of the future and will have a tremendous impact on the community.

“Broadband expansion in the village is as valuable as interstate expansion was in the 20th century,” says Jumper.

“The capabilities of internet access have changed dramatically in the past five years. The things you are able to do on the internet today that were impossible five years ago create a greater demand for this broadband capability.”

Further discussion of the topic may be brought up at future South Jacksonville board meetings.