State Police switches gears on carry applications

By Nick Kovatch on December 18 at 1:03pm

State officials have changed their minds about the kind of applications they’ll accept from people who want new concealed carry permits.

After saying the Illinois State Police would only accept online applications, the Quinn administration says that beginning in July paper applications will also be accepted. The online application process begins next month.

Norman Higgerson is a concealed carry instructor in Morgan County. He says being able to file paper applications is good for those without access to computers, but July is too long of a wait.

“From the beginning on this it’s always been delay, delay, delay,” says Higgerson. “It’s just getting to be more and more. I think there will be more lawsuits filed because of the delaying tactics.”

Starting today, certified instructors, like Higgerson, can apply for a conceal carry license in advance of the January 5th deadline.

State police say giving them early access to the application process will also help test the application system.

“We have gone through all the background investigations early on to become certified instructors,” says Higgerson. “So, really there’s no need to wait because everything else is already done. We just need to send in $150 or whatever they’re going to charge and get the thing on the roll.”

Earlier this year, Illinois became the last state in the nation to make it legal to carry concealed weapons. An estimated 400,000 applicants are expected to apply for permits in the first year alone.