State rep hopeful questions motive behind campaign office damage

By Jim McCabe on August 4 at 1:09pm

Photo from Josh Evans' Facebook page.

The Democratic candidate for state representative in West Central Illinois believes dirty politics are at play in a weekend incident at his campaign headquarters.

Josh Evans, who is running against Republican incumbent C.D. Davidsmeyer in the November general election for the 100th District seat, issued a press release this morning indicating his office in Jerseyville was vandalized. He says someone took a rock and threw it through several windows.

Evans suspects the damage was done by someone who doesn’t support his candidacy.

“I’m not going to go on a limb and say that it was my opponent that’s doing this. That would just be speculation and I’m not going to go there. But what I will say is our office was vandalized. And that the other buildings around my office have a lot of glass around there, my office was the only one that I saw vandalized. We looked around, talked to other business owners and they didn’t have any vandalism so, in my mind it seems fairly clear that this was politically motivated. But then again it could be a coincidence, I’m not going to rule that out either. I’m just going to put the information out there, let people make their own decisions,” Says Evans.

Jerseyville Police Chief Brad Blackorby confirmed the vandalism, but he notes his department is investigating other incidents of similar property damage in town over the weekend.

Davidsmeyer stated this morning that he doesn’t condone any activity like this if it was politically motivated.

“It’s ridiculous for anybody to take politics to a level like this so it’s definitely not anything related to me or my campaign. I don’t think anybody related to my campaign was even in the area, to be honest. I think it’s even ridiculous to even imply that it would be anything from my side,” says Davidsmeyer.

Evans also stated in a press release that this isn’t the first incident of vandalism since he since he announced his candidacy for state rep. He says several weeks ago, his car was vandalized when he was walking door to door in Jacksonville.

He adds that several supporters have reported incidents of intimidation by those who oppose his candidacy.

“This is the kind of politics that people don’t like. What I hope is that people that support me don’t stoop to this level, and I don’t want to see anyone having their office broken into, especially mine. I don’t want to see my opponent’s office being vandalized, I don’t want to see anything happen to his supporters, and that’s the main message I want to get out there. I don’t think any of my supporters would do that, but they called me, told me about some things, and I don’t think it’s right,” said Evans.

Davidsmeyer says if any of his supporters are behind the activity they’re being accused of, they should stop.

“Vandalism is vandalism whether it’s in a political campaign or if it’s to the everyday person. So I would hope that people would leave other people’s things alone,” states Davidsmeyer.

Evans didn’t cite a specific campaign position that he believes might be leading to the incidents. The Carrollton native has proposed a four-tiered pension system as a reform idea and changes to the way state agencies are funded as ideas during the campaign.