Stuff the Bus brings in school supplies to Waverly students

By Ryne Turke on August 8 at 12:47pm

People across West Central Illinois gathered at the Dollar General in Waverly last night to donate school supplies to the Stuff the Bus fundraiser.

Karen Bennett, the social worker for the Waverly School District, says the program helps students of all ages, from kindergarten through high school.

“We target about 70 students and at the end of the school year and at the end of the year I send out letters to the families letting them know that the school and community will be providing school supplies to their students. That way they know they won’t have to go buy them,” says Bennett.

Bennett explains how the Stuff the Bus program, which has been aiding students for the past six years, came into existence.

“Shane Gray, from the Double Dribble and a teacher at Waverly, kind of started it when he had a big activity one year when we tried to raise some money to save the golf team,” says Bennett.

“So it kind of started as a community effort and then I got involved to make sure the kids that really needed it were getting supplies.”

Bennett noted that People’s Bank in Trust has been a major contributor to Stuff the Bus, donating book bags and supplies to the program.

Also, the book Cooking with the Scotties, which features over 350 recipes from Waverly teachers and staff, is being sold to raise money for the fundraiser. A copy of the cook book can be found at the Waverly grade school.

If you missed last night’s event there are bus stops scheduled in Waverly for next week. On Saturday the bus will be parked at the Double Dribble from 1-9 p.m. and Tuesday the bus will be at Verda Mae’s from 5-8 p.m.

Verda Mae’s will be open for dinner that night and will donate 10% their proceeds towards Stuff the Bus.