Suggested traffic changes around Turner could be approved before school starts

By Jim McCabe on August 5 at 7:46am

Jacksonville aldermen took steps to improve traffic around Turner Junior High School on Monday night.

Several recommendations were announced at last night’s Planning and Public Works Committee.

They include a new ordinance that would place “no standing, stopping or parking” signs on the west side of Lincoln between Sherwood Eddy and Grandview, with a fine for violators, and signs indicating no parking in the afternoon on school days on the north side of Eddy.

School zone signs listing speed limits of 20 miles per hour would be added on portions of five streets.

Alderman Steve Warmowski explains the reason behind the changes.

“We’re trying to communicate to parents that there’s a green zone, there’s a red zone. We want you to drop your kids off on the school side of the street; we don’t want you to drop your kids off on the opposite side of the street, because especially on Lincoln, parents have been dropping off their children on the west side of Lincoln. Children have to get out and jaywalk across the street in traffic that’s going to fast to get to school,” Warmowski explains.

“So, what we’re trying to do is to design the traffic flows so that the children are let off so they can use the crosswalk to cross Lincoln, to cross Hoagland, to get to Turner Junior High.”

Warmowski adds the $10,000 sidewalk put up on the south side of Sherwood Eddy for students going to after-school programs at the YMCA has been a great investment.

“I had a meeting with several of the neighbors, and they said already people are using the sidewalk at all hours of the day. I think one of the neighbors says it’s a half mile when you walk around the church, so I think the people in the neighborhood are using it as an exercise area,” he says.

“I look forward to when Turner comes back into session, that school children can use that new sidewalk to get to the after-school program at the Y safely.”

The committee also recommended last night eliminating “no parking between” signs on the east side of Lincoln at the entrance to the Turner parking lot and to reposition school crossing signs.

Warmowski says the changes could be passed on a first reading at the next city council meeting by using the emergency clause so the changes can be in place by the time school starts.