Supreme Court ruling gives Illinois companies choice in paying for birth control

By Ryne Turke on July 2 at 6:48am

Private companies in West Central Illinois now have the choice of refusing to pay for government-approved contraceptives for their female employees.

Passed Monday in Supreme Court with a 5-4 ruling, the decision is allowing a key exemption to the health law’s contraception coverage requirements.

Senator Dick Durbin thinks that the ruling does nothing to protect the constitution, and instead passes costs on to employees that, he says, the business should be paying.

“Notify the employees of these companies as well as anyone applying for a job, you have restricted access to healthcare if you work for this company. An employee should know that, and anyone applying for a job at that company should know it as well. That will be part of our effort to make certain that these healthcare services remain available to women across America”

At issue is whether or not a business has the right to freedom of speech and opinion protected by the first amendment. The Supreme Court ruled that in certain cases, businesses need not follow laws that they disagree with on religious grounds.

“This court always sides on the sides of business. We have got to have a court that understands corporations are not citizens when it comes to the basic rights of America. Citizens deserve those rights, and deserve this protection”

Durbin has promised to introduce new legislation that deals specifically with this case.