Suspect in car break-ins arrested

By Jim McCabe on October 9 at 5:54pm

Jacksonville Police think they have the man responsible for a rash of car burglaries in custody.

Nineteen-year-old Christian Moroney of the 400 block of Dorsett remains jailed after investigators with the city police department and the Morgan county Sheriff’s Office concluded an investigation into multiple residential and motor vehicle burglaries that occurred over the past several months.

Moroney was originally picked up on three counts of burglary from a motor vehicle last Tuesday, but authorities now say Moroney is responsible for eleven such thefts and have also arrested him for one residential burglary, according to Jacksonville Police Deputy Chief Tim Shea.

“We were tracking a number of burglaries that were in town in a certain area- I think more or less the mid to midwest end- and the officers were concentrating in that area and discovered this young man out one night, and they arrested him that night for one count of burglary,” Shea says.

“That led to investigating all the other burglaries that had been reported, and after that was concluded, we consulted with the state’s attorney and determined he was in fact responsible for several other ones.”

The police department doesn’t believe anyone else was involved in the thefts.

Shea says many of the vehicles allegedly broken into were unlocked.

“Our message is to everybody: when you park your car at night, roll your windows up and lock the doors. You’ll stay much safer,” he says.

It’s not clear what the value was of the items stolen from the vehicles, and Shea says not all of the property has been recovered.

Moroney is in custody at the Morgan County Jail.