Testimony being heard on medical cannabis use by children

By Jim McCabe on March 25 at 2:49pm

Parents in West Central Illinois who want their sick children to be able to use medicinal marijuana are focusing on Springfield today.

A couple of parents are testifying about their children’s struggles in an Illinois Senate committee. They’re backing a bill that would allow kids and adults who have seizures to get access to medical pot.

Chris Lindsey with the Marijuana Project says doctor’s approval would be required.

“What it would allow you to do is meet with the child’s physician and discuss whether or not he or she believes medical marijuana would help alleviate conditions or symptoms. You would then be able to get your child registered as a patient and then obtain medical marijuana on behalf of the child,” he says.

Lindsey says it’s extremely difficult for parents to watch their child suffer from seizures.

“These are life threatening. This is very real; it’s horrific if you’ve ever been around a person who has a seizure,” says Lindsey. “It is very difficult to know what to do to help, and then to have that be your child- this is a very, very difficult situation for a parent to be in.”

Medical marijuana has been shown to help keep the seizures under control. So far, 19 states have legalized the drug on a medicinal basis, and some of them allow kids to use it. Lindsey says children in Illinois deserve the same treatment option.