The Heavens Opened in April in Jacksonville

By Gary Scott on May 3 at 6:00am

Total rainfall for April was just under 7 and 9 tenths inches. That’s nearly twice the normal rainfall. National Weather Service figures indicate April usually gets just over 4 inches of rain in Jacksonville.

Much of the rain fell on the last 2 days. WLDS-WEAI weather instruments recorded 4 and 16 hundredths of an inch of rain on the final two days of the month.

Prior to those final two days, the heaviest stretch of rain was the 1 and three quarter inch rainfall over a 3 day period starting April 4th.

There was some type of precipitation on 13 of the 30 days last month.

Typical daytime highs reached just under 68, and lows at 45. That’s slightly warmer than the long term average of 65 and 40 during April.

The hottest reading of the month was 81 on the 10th. The coldest was 35 on the 22nd.

Jacksonville usually has 10 inches of precipitation through the first four months of the year. This year that total at the cooperative weather station here at WLDS-WEAI is 14 and 14 hundredths inches.