Treasurer explains that property taxes in Morgan County can be prepaid

By Blake Schnitker on December 22 at 12:28pm

Taxes have been a major topic of discussion after the U.S. House passed a federal tax reform bill earlier this week.

With changes to the federal tax code coming, Morgan County residents should know that they have the option of pre-paying for their 2018 property taxes.

Morgan County Treasurer Jenny Geirnaeirt says prepayments have been an option for a number of years, and explains the process of how to do so.

“Basically, they can come into the courthouse, and typically what people do is they usually pay what their real estate taxes were for last year, or they could pay a lesser amount as well, then we take that payment and give them a receipt for that. I then apply that payment towards the taxes when the bills are generated and then send either a new bill for the remainder of what’s due or a refund if their bill was less (than the amount they prepaid for),” Geirnaeirt explains.

Geirnaeirt also goes over some of the important upcoming dates for county taxpayers to keep in mind.

“For people to dispute their property taxes, the assessments of what was recently assessed will be going out next week, and then people have until January 31st to get a form with assessor’s office and dispute whether or not they agree with the value that their property is assessed at. That’s the only time they can do that, so that’s coming up in January, people would want to do that through the assessor’s office if they think their property is valued for less than what the (assessor’s office) has them down for,” says Geirnaeirt.

For those interested in prepaying their property taxes for 2018, or those who just want to learn more about potential changes coming as a result of the federal tax reform, Geirnaeirt encourages them to speak with a professional accountant or financial advisor.