Two Casey’s General Stores closing in Jacksonville at the end of the year

By Blake Schnitker on December 12 at 12:19pm

Two local Casey’s General Stores will be shutting down at the end of the calendar year.

The Midwestern convenience store chain announced recently that their stores on East College Avenue and South Main Street will close at 11 p.m. on December 31st. Meanwhile, the other two Jacksonville Casey’s, on Walnut and Morton, will remain open.

Vice President of Accounting for Casey’s General Stores James Pistillo explains why the chain has decided to close these locations, particularly the Casey’s on East College.

“We regularly conduct strategic reviews on each of our markets to assess how to best serve the community. With that, we looked at the four stores in Jacksonville. One of the stores was approaching 30 years old and as I understand it, did not have the full range of services, I’m not even sure it had pizza, but ultimately, that store had a little bit of overlap from other stores in the area. So that was a decision we made from the standpoint of just how best to serve the community, we decided to close that store,” says Pistillo.

As for the Casey’s on South Main, Pistillo says the most recent Casey’s in Jacksonville, located on East Morton Avenue, will now take over that market.

“The other store that we’re planning to close is a little bit involved with an acquisition that we completed back in 2010-2011. We were actually building the new store on Morton Avenue as we were going through an acquisition of a company called Harper Oil. So, we really ended up with two stores when we intended to have one, and we decided to kind of run them parallel for a while to see how it worked it. Ultimately, the newer store that we built was positioned best to serve the community, we have all of the latest offerings that we’ve got in that store and we felt comfortable that the store could serve that market,” Pistillo explains.

Pistillo says the company hopes to transfer employees from the closing stores over to the locations on East Morton or Walnut.

Pistillo also mentioned that the Walnut location, which will survive the closures, was recently remodeled, and did not rule out the possibility of Casey’s opening a third Jacksonville location in the future.