United Warrior Extreme 5K returns to Jacksonville

By Ryne Turke on July 11 at 1:15pm

The United Warriors Xtreme Race is returning to the Morgan County Fairgrounds to give West Central Illinois participants the run of their lives.

The 5K mud run, which will take place on July 19th, features 17 rigorous obstacles that challenge and welcome runners of any athletic abilities.

Lori Hartz, event director for the United Warrior Extreme Race, talked about some of the changes that were made to the race during today’s edition of WLDS “What’s On Your Mind?”.

“We added a few more obstacles and I think that was just to make it more fun,” says Hartz.

“I think the more obstacles you have the more fun it is because you get to take a break from your running. You are going to use other muscles when you do the other obstacles but not all of them are physically challenging. Some of them are testing your balance and others are weaving through a maze.”

Hartz says 219 racers competed in last year’s event, which has helped create tons of buzz for this year’s race.

“But in this area we didn’t have anything like this so people were very interested to see what this was all about,” says Hartz.

“What a fun day it was because the people that were running in the race were so excited. It is really fun to watch if you don’t want to run you can come and watch. You can be out on the course and wander around with your friends who are running if you just want to come and watch them.”

Hartz highlights some of the popular obstacles being prepared for the course.

“Obviously everybody asks about the mud pit and we have that and it is the last obstacle. You will get muddy and you have to submerge yourself in this mud and crawl under some barriers to get through it,” says Hartz.

“We also have fire and you have to jump over the fire. Another one that is popular is climbing up straw bails using a rope to drag yourself up and get off the other side. A new one is grandma’s clothesline where several clotheslines have clothes hanging down with a maze type thing that you have to work your way through.”

Hartz says there are plenty of activities for participants and guests to celebrate their accomplishments after the race.

“We’ve got this big party in the parking lot area of the fairgrounds just beyond the grandstand where we have the band Exit 52 playing from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.,” says Hartz.

“We have all kinds of food vendors and games as well for adults and children. There is a children’s obstacle course this year that is new.”

The United Warriors Xtreme Race is a joint effort between Praireland United Way and its member agencies. Proceeds from the event will benefit the 34 Praireland United Way supported agencies and the 35,000 plus clients they serve.

To register for the event online go to www.unitedwarriorsx.com. Regular price for the race is $55 with $5 for parking, but if you use the promo code uwx14 on the website you can get $10 off.