Utility committee receives updates on new water treatment plant

By Ryne Turke on July 2 at 6:49am

Updates regarding the new water treatment plant in Jacksonville show plans are right on schedule.

The project, which is being designed by Benton & Associates, was discussed at last night’s Utility Committee meeting. The plan for the project is to build a new and improved facility at the intersection of Hardin and Superior.

Jamie Headen, one of the project designers from Benton & Associates, explains what where the project is at in the planning stage.

“The water treatment plant design is approximately at the 30 percent level at this point and we continuing with the design throughout the summer with the hopes of have a permit application in the fall of 2014.”

Headen says building a new water treatment plant is the right move considering the many problems with the current plant.

“Well the existing plant is quite old and it is also in a flood plane that has been flooded on multiple occasion with most recent being in June of 2011,” says Headen.

“All those details supported the decision to move the plant and eliminate the risk of flooding.”

With the planning still at the early stages, Headen notes the steps ahead for the project.

“Probably start construction in about a year from now, so in June or July of 2015,” says Headen.

“The construction period will probably be from a year to 15 months or a little more. The end of construction may not absolutely tie it together when when they will be producing water at the new facility, because of some demolition work that needs to go on at the current treatment facility.”

The new water treatment plant will have a total capacity of nine million gallons per day, with a firm capacity of six million gallons.

Recently, the permit section for the project was reviewed and approved on a technical basis.