Very cool temps in July in Jax

By Jim McCabe on August 4 at 8:50am

We came within a fraction of setting a record for the coolest month of July in Jacksonville.

The average temperature at the WLDS-WEAI recording station was 69.8, which is three-tenths of a degree higher than the record average. The normal average temperature for the month of July is 75.9.

Records were nearly set on a handful of dates, and towards the end of the month, two records for low temperatures were broken when we got down to 47 degrees on the 29th and 30th.

We reached 90 degrees for a high three times last month, but we also enjoyed eleven days where the high temp was in the 70s.

In terms of precipitation, we got 2.27 inches, which is nearly an inch and a half below average. That might have made some farmers twitchy, but halfway through the calendar year, Jacksonville has gotten 24.55 inches of precip, and that’s about two inches higher than normal.