Voting Trends in South Jacksonville so far

By Blake Schnitker on April 4 at 12:45pm

It appears that voter turnout in South Jacksonville precincts will be larger than those in Jacksonville.

WLDS-WEAI News checked the four precincts in South Jacksonville, and it appears the total turnout will be just under 25 percent.

Two-hundred 39 voters had cast their ballots in South Jacksonville as of about 11:20 this morning. If trends remain the same over the 13-hour voting period, the total turnout would come out to approximately 23 percent today.

With that trend, it looks as though around 585 of the more than 25-hundred voters will cast their ballots.

Of the four precincts in South Jacksonville, three of them are located at the South Jacksonville Fire Department on Sequoia, off of Vandalia, while the fourth is at Labor Drive.

Precinct three in South Jacksonville appears to have the highest turnout, with 100 ballots cast of just over 825 registered voters as of 11:15 this morning.

Higher turnouts were expected in South Jacksonville, as voters are casting their ballots for the next Village President, as well as three Board Trustee positions.