Want to be a character in a book for a good cause?

By Jim McCabe on July 21 at 1:13pm

You could call a Jacksonville High School graduate’s idea for a fundraiser for the high school’s football team a “novel idea.”

Vince Churchill, a 1980 JHS grad, is offering to anyone who wants to donate money that will go to help the team a spot as a character in his upcoming apocalyptic-themed book, “Siete”.

Churchill, who is a former Crimsons assistant coach, describes the book as a not-too-violent, “end-of-the-world thriller.”

“You’ve got a group of ordinary people who have been chosen to help save humanity. For most people who have read some of my other books, I tend to be a horror/sci-fi kind of guy, kind of an adult level of material,” he says. “We’re looking at something here [that’s] kind of PG-13, more of an action thriller, than something that’s too heavy, too violent.”

As for what a donation will get you in terms of a character, Churchill says there are ten minor roles that can be “purchased” for $100, eight mid-level characters for $500, and two lead characters that will be auctioned off at $1-thousand.

Churchill says there’s plenty of flexibility with the characters, and he says the higher donation, the more involvement you can have with yours.

“If you’re one of the lead [characters], I’ll have to sit down and speak with you about certain things you either want or don’t want. There’s certain things the characters have to be involved with to make the plot of the story move forward, but you can be involved all the way up to everything except the actual writing itself,” explains Churchill.

“I just want to make sure the donors are comfortable with their character. We want everybody to have fun and feel like when they get the book- when it’s eventually out- that they’ll be very happy with how they’re represented in the book. That’s the biggest thing,” he adds.

Churchill says he’s already up to $800. He’s hoping to raise about $7,000. He says there’s no real deadline for writing the story, but he says he’s eager to start soon. To donate, visit www.vincechurchill.com or call 217-416-8544.

Churchill was a guest on this morning’s edition of WLDS’ “What’s On Your Mind?” program.