Waverly Superintendent Dustin Day discusses recently-passed proposition

By Blake Schnitker on April 6 at 7:27am

Waverly School District #6 will adopt a new method of electing members of its board of education in the coming years.

Voters on Tuesday passed a proposition for board of education members to be elected at-large from within the school district and not be restricted by area in which they live within the district.        Waverly Superintendent Dustin Day joined WLDS’ “What’s On Your Mind?” program yesterday to break it all down.

“The election had to carry either in every township or had to be a two-thirds majority vote. I believe we’re the first (district) that has tried to go to this at-large with the new law in place of the two-thirds majority vote. It may take a little longer for us, but I’ve kind of crunched the numbers, and I have it passing on about a 73 percent pass rate,” says Day.

While voter turnouts around Morgan County were lower than other elections, Day says he’s happy to see a number of residents take an interest in this proposition.

“Traditionally, I think, in the past they’ve had some problems appointing people or just having people run in particular townships, so I guess that was another interest that people had for at-large. It’s really nice to see that we have quite a bit of interest now as far as people wanting to run, wanting to be a part of the successes we have here at Waverly, and really wanting to be a part of, or be involved, in the process moving forward,” Day says.

To learn more about the proposition or hear our full interview with Day and Franklin Superintendent Andy Stremlau, click the “What’s On Your Mind?” tab.