Waverly trying to figure out next step after failed co-op vote

By Jim McCabe on February 21 at 1:04pm

Waverly High School held its first meeting last night since Franklin’s school board voted against a proposed sports co-op.

The Franklin board voted 4-3 earlier this week against an all-sports high school co-op agreement, which would have created a new mascot and team nickname at the high school level. The Waverly board had previously voted 7-0 in favor of the co-op.

The two schools co-op in cross country, volleyball, and track. In addition, the schools co-op with New Berlin for football, baseball, softball, girl’s basketball and golf. The new agreement would have added boys’ basketball.

“We just had to talk about our options, talk about the current co-op agreements that we have with Franklin, the current co-op agreements we have with New Berlin, the situation we’re currently in,” Waverly Superintendent Dr. Debra Rust says.

“We asked our athletic director to go out on a fact-finding or an information-finding mission and bring that back to us, and we will have another meeting this coming Wednesday at 7:00 and talk about the information he finds and make a plan at that time.”

Rust says it’s too early to talk about whether Waverly may pursue a different co-op with another school.