Weather is warm now but officials want to remind motorists about winter driving safety

By Nick Kovatch on November 16 at 1:05pm

There’s no doubt more snow is headed our way with winter on the horizon.

It can make for dangerous driving conditions but State Police Master Sergeant Mike Vorreyer says drivers have a part to play in keeping roads safe.

“They need to slow down,” says Vorreyer. “They need to be aware they’re going to get to their destination late. Watch out for other traffic and don’t make quick lane changes.”

IDOT’s Bill Burger says drivers must remember to give snow plows plenty of room to do their job.

“It’s a massive piece of machinery,” says Burger. “They have a lot of controls in there that they have to take care of. If the traveling public isn’t distracting them or in their way it’s a lot better off for us.”

IDOT has more than 18-hundred plows ready to tackle the Illinois highways this winter. They’ve also stocked up on thousands-of-pounds of salt. To get the latest updates on road conditions when weather is bad across the state, check out