West Central Illinois farmers continue to show strong crop numbers

By Ryne Turke on July 22 at 12:59pm

According to the latest crop progress report from the USDA, local crops are reporting numbers higher than the five year average, as corn is silking at 88 percent and soybeans are blooming at 63 percent.

USDA crop statistician Doug Hartwig says it’s not just the West Southwest district reporting excellent numbers, it’s the entire state.

“Corn silking reached 82 percent, ahead of the five-year average of 70 percent,” says Hartwick.

“Corn was rated at 80 percent in good to excellent condition and 69 percent of the soybeans were blooming ahead of the five-year average of 55 percent. Soybeans were rated with 77 percent at good to excellent condition.”

Topsoil in the local district was 16 percent short, 78 percent adequate and four percent surplus. Subsoil was eight percent short, 89 percent adequate and two percent surplus.

Local farmers reported 6.4 days of suitable fieldwork, which was the second most days in the state and nearly half a day more than the state average.

While crop numbers continue to rise, Hartwig notes that temperature and rainfall were lower than normal this past week.

“Precipitation state wide averaged 0.52 inches, that’s 0.36 inches below normal,” says Hartwig.

Average temperature for the week was 67.5 degrees and that’s 9.4 degrees below normal.”

Temperature and precipitation numbers for the West Southwest district were on par with the state averages.