West Central Illinois shines again in crop report

By Ryne Turke on July 29 at 12:33pm

Farmers in West Central Illinois received another week of beautiful weather and strong crop conditions according to the USDA crop progress report.

USDA crop statistician Doug Hartwig highlights some of the positive numbers from the state’s major crops.

“Corn silking reached 94 percent which is ahead of the five-year average of 85 percent,” says Hartwig.

“Corn in the dough stage was 25 percent, which compares to 29 percent for the five-year average. Soybeans blooming rose to 83 percent, ahead of the average of 72 percent. Soybeans setting pods reached 44 percent, ahead of the average of 30 percent.”

Stats from the local district were even better than the state average as corn is silking at 96 percent, 35 percent of corn is in the dough stage, soybeans are blooming at 85 percent and 50 percent of soybeans are setting pods.

Both corn and soybean crops are showing strong ratings as well.

“Corn was rated with 82 percent good to excellent condition and soybeans were rated 78 percent good to excellent condition,” says Hartwig.

The West Southwest district received 6.2 days of suitable fieldwork, right on par with the state average.
Topsoil was 29 percent short, 64 percent adequate and three percent surplus. Subsoil was 29 percent short, 67 percent adequate and one percent surplus.
Temperatures were down slightly for the week across Illinois. The local district was around three degrees cooler than normal, right at the state average.
Precipitation was also down for the week, the West Southwest totaled 0.42 inches which is near the state average.

The fall crop yield forcast is due out in two weeks.