Zeller named new Chairman of Morgan County Board of Commissioners

By Blake Schnitker on December 11 at 10:59am

There’s a new Chairman of the Morgan County Board of Commissioners following this morning’s meeting.

Former Vice Chairman Bradley Zeller was voted in and approved this morning as the new Chairman of the Board for 2018. In fact, Zeller was not the only commissioner to receive a new position as the entire three-member Board was re-organized this morning. While Zeller was appointed as the new Chairman, Bill Meier will now take over as Vice Chairman, and former Chairperson Ginny Fanning becomes a commissioner.

As Chairman Zeller explains, re-organizing the local Board of Commissioners is standard procedure each year in Morgan County.

“Annually, the Board re-organizes and we change the chairmanship. Some boards traditionally keep the same chairman throughout the course of several years, but Morgan County’s tradition has been to rotate the chairmanship . So I was next in line to come up (for Chairman), and Chairwoman Fanning nominated me as the new Chair and that’s the way it will proceed with Mr. Meier as the Vice Chair, and then next year, Mr. Meier will be eligible to become the Chairman of the Board,” explains Zeller.

Zeller says former Chairperson Fanning set the bar high in her role over the previous year, and that he hopes to continue that tradition as the new Chairman.

“As everybody knows, Ginny Fanning is very well organized and she did a wonderful job running the Board, so it will be big shoes to step into, but I look forward to it. We share responsibilities here too, so it’s really not that much of an elevated position, but she did a wonderful job and I hope to do the same,” Zeller says.

Also at this morning’s meeting, the Board tabled an agenda item for the approval of the highway engineer salary. Zeller explains why that item was tabled and how they will handle it moving forward.

“We had (on the agenda) just specifically for the adoption of the salary for the county engineer. The packet we had received had several different resolutions in it that we did not have on the agenda. Therefore, by law, we have to post 48 hours prior to an agenda item, and since we did not have those on our specific agenda, we were unable to act on it. So we will have a meeting next Monday morning and the county engineer will have all of those documents in order, listed individually as agenda items, and we will proceed from there,” says Zeller.

With that item tabled, the Board will meet again next Monday before their final meeting of the year on Tuesday, December 26th.