March Weather

By Gary Scott on April 1, 2024 at 4:44pm

Weather was warm again last month in Jacksonville.

The average reading in March was 46-point-6 degrees. That included average daily highs of 65, and lows above freezing, at 34-point-2.

Normal March averages are just over 40 and a half degrees. The six degree difference makes last month the hottest March since 2016, when we averaged 48 and a half degrees.

A record tying mark of 78 on the 3rd was matched by a 78 the following day as the hottest days of the month. There were seven days of 70 or better readings. Daily highs averaged 59 degrees.

The typical low reading was 34-point-2 degrees. The coldest reading was 23 on the 19th. There five nights of below thirty readings.

The total rainfall for the month was 3 and 16 hundredth inches. That’s a bit above the long term average of 2 and three quarter inches. Eighth tenths was the heaviest rain of the month, falling on the 15th.

The rainiest stretch was the 5th through the tenth.

There were a couple of traces of snow, but they were not measurable.

WLDS-WEAI is an official National Weather Service observing station.