69th Annual Kiwanis Club Pancake and Sausage day expects about 5,000 Monday

By Benjamin Cox on March 16, 2018 at 4:06pm

It’s that time of the year again!   The 69th Annual Kiwanis Club Pancake and Sausage breakfast will kick off Monday morning at 6 and will run until 7:30 at night. Because of the large popularity over the many years, the Kiwanis Club expects about 5,000 people.

Justin McMurphy is leading the committee for the fund raiser and he is this year’s Mr. Pancake. He says the popularity of the event has grown every year.

“It’s been going on a lot longer than I’ve been alive. It keep getting bigger and bigger every year. Usually serve about 5,000 people year and raise $30,000 to give back to all of our kids in the community and the money stays in Jacksonville and the surrounding area. I don’t know how the whole thing started, that was way before my time. it’s pretty impressive.”

McMurphy explains where all the money goes towards.

“It goes to a lot of things with Kiwanis Club, we do a lot with North School in town. We do a lot different scholarships at the high school and Routt. We just do a lot for the .kids in the community.” McMurphy said.

Depending on the time you arrive, you maybe entertained by a local artist.

“If you show up in the evening, since that is our busy time, usually you come to the chapel around MacMurray. While you are there, Ken Bradbury will be performing. As seating becomes available, you can come go to the dining hall through the chapel. But while you wait you can listen to Bradbury, he is always great to listen to.” said McMurphy.

If you would like to help out a great cause and are wanting a hearty meal, head to McClelland Dining Hall on the campus of MacMurray College. Doors open at 6am on Monday. If you’re going after 4:30, head to Annie Merner Chapel. You may purchase your tickets at Jacksonville Savings Bank, The Farmers State Bank and Trust Company and the Kiwanis Club. Tickets are $7 a person if you order in advance and $8 at the door.