8 Points Charter Leader disappointed with action taken by District 117

By Ryne Turke on October 22, 2015 at 12:47pm

Less than 24 hours after District 117 board members voted not to renew a contract with 8 Points Charter, the school leader is extending a message to the public.

District 117’s monthly board meeting was packed last night with parents, teachers and students in support of 8 Points Charter.

After hearing comments from the floor and a cost/benefit analysis presentation from Superintendent Steve Ptacek, board members voted 4-2-1 in favor of preparing a resolution of non-renewal for 8 Points Charter’s contract.

School Leader Bridget English sent WLDS/WEAI News a press release this morning, which embodied her thoughts on the board’s decision and what the future holds for 8 Points Charter.

English stated that 8 Points Charter has “fulfilled the bulk of the requirements” in the current contract and has “successfully provided school choice to middle school students in the Jacksonville community.”

She added that “schools are more than the sum total of test scores and dollar signs” and feels “very passionately that our school will continue to show growth in the area of academic performance and areas that were not represented in the information given” at Wednesday’s meeting.

English was a vocal presence for 8 Points Charter during the meeting and emphasized in the press release that she took exception that the school “was not allowed to respond to the data presented by Mr. Ptacek” and that the school was not “given an opportunity to promote strengths versus hearing only about weaknesses.”

English feels the public should be involved in a decision of this magnitude and plans to work with the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Network of Charter Schools to determine the next steps for 8 Points Charter.

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