A party 100 years in the making at Strawn gallery tomorrow

By Gary Scott on August 28, 2015 at 9:05am

2014 photo.

An annual lawn party and auction is an extra-special occasion this year for officials at the Strawn Art Gallery.

“Celebrate 100” is the theme for this year’s party and auction, which raises funds for the Jacksonville Art Association’s upkeep of the gallery.

Mary Fergurson, a member of the Art Association, explains.

“It was in 1915 that David Strawn gifted the family home there on West College to the Art Association of Jacksonville for use as a gallery for the community,” says Fergurson.

Donna Cody, also with the Art Association, notes it predates the Strawn Gallery by several decades.

“The art association was formed in 1873, and chartered in 1875, so we’ve been around for quite a long while,” she says. “Phoebe Gates-Strawn was very interested in the arts, and she had the home constructed in 1880, and it was finished in 1882, and she moved to town with her son, grandson, and sister and she wanted to come back to Jacksonville because she wanted her grandson Ferdinand to attend good schools in Jacksonville,” continues Cody.

The party is from 5 to 6:30 p.m. tomorrow night. Tickets are $30. You can inquire about purchasing them by calling 245-5576.

The Strawn Gallery is near downtown at 331 West College.