AFSCME supporters rally outside Davidsmeyer’s office

By Ryne Turke on April 12, 2016 at 9:12am

AFSCME supporters gathered outside the Jacksonville office of Representative CD Davidsmeyer today to protest House Bill 580.

AFSCME Local 38 President Jeff Haak represents the 250 union members in the Jacksonville and Morgan County area.

Haak says union members are pushing for Davidsmeyer “to support House Bill 580, which will provide fair arbitration for state contractors.”

“If and when Governor Rauner vetoes House Bill 580, we need a couple yes votes. That way, we can override that and get a fair contract,” says Haak.

Haak says local AFSCME members have met with State Representatives Avery Bourne of the 95th District and Sara Wojcicki Jimenez of the 99th District. So far, the meetings have not been successful.

“No confirmed yes statements, but we are going to keep doing it. It is rough for everybody. We just want to protect and serve the people that we serve,” says Haak.

Davidsmeyer took the time to meet with several AFSCME members and made available a press release to show what he is doing for state employees.

Davidsmeyer is supporting House Bill 2703, which pays Union employees their back pay and House Bill 4245, which requires the Illinois Comptroller to cut state employee paychecks, even if a budget is not passed.

Davidsmeyer added he, “continues to fight to make sure that our state facilities remain intact, that we can continue to provide important services and that your jobs remain in our communities.”

As for House Bill 580, Davidsmeyer says it “attempts to override the tolling agreement, a legally binding contract, which was negotiated and agreed to by your representation at AFSCME Council 31. On pensions, I fought and agreed with AFSCME that a contract is a contract. On back pay, I continue to fight and agree with AFSCME that a contract is a contract.”