Albers, Heaton looking forward to future of District 117

By Ryne Turke on April 12, 2015 at 7:30am

The two exiting District 117 board members are expressing their confidence in the future of the school board.

The consolidated election resulted in newcomers Libby White and Corinne Wagner joining incumbents Mike Lonergan and Steven Cantrell on the four open school board seats.

District 117 president Ken Heaton and vice president Craig Albers have served on the school board for the past eight years, but will be stepping down from their positions at the end of the month.

Heaton says he made the decision to step down in November after the one-cent sales tax referendum passed.

“I felt like I could see the future of our district going in the right direction through the vision of Steve Ptacek. He will have the plans for construction or whatever we need to do to our buildings.”

Albers says he is stepping down because District 117 can benefit from continuous turnover.

“I think turnover in an organization like school districts is a good thing. You get good ideas and a fresh perspective. I just think self-imposed term limits are a good idea,” says Albers.

Albers says the state of the board is in an excellent position.

“I find myself in a position leaving with a superintendent who is doing a wonderful job. We have secured him to a long-term contract. We hopefully have a teacher contract that we will get settled rather quickly. We have a passed referendum and some exciting opportunities with Turner Junior High. I couldn’t be more pleased with where the school district is at this time,” says Albers.

Heaton feels White and Wagner will have a lot to learn early on, but Superintendent Steve Ptacek will bring them up to speed.

White and Wagner will take over for Heaton and Albers during