Another gaming parlor could be coming to South Jacksonville

By Gary Scott on September 9, 2016 at 4:36am

Could South Jacksonville be adding another video gaming parlor?

We’ll have to wait for next month’s Board meeting for that answer, even though the proposal was approved by the plan commission last night.

The proposal of the potential gaming parlor came from Rena Paredes, who said the business would contain five machines and offer complimentary, non-alcoholic beverages.

Chairperson Larry Moore talks about the benefits of gaming parlors for the Village.

“We’ve done exactly the same thing a little over a year ago for a gaming parlor Max-A-Millions up here. We do get a percentage as (Paredes) said, I believe five-percent of the take comes back to the Village, so it’s income we can use and find plenty of need for,” says Moore.

There were a handful of residents who’d signed a petition expressing concern over a new gaming parlor, but Moore says there have been no issues with existing ones.

“Basically some residents in the area, which I’d imagine they’d be concerned with the lights and noise and possibility of people smoking there. But like Ms. Paredes said, the normal customers are ladies and we haven’t had any problems with our gaming parlors,” Moore says.

If approved at the October 6th Board meeting, the new gaming parlor would be located at 1724 South Main.