Apex Clean Energy proposes wind farm east of Jacksonville

By Gary Scott on September 19, 2018 at 3:01pm

Wind energy has been a topic of debate in Morgan County over the last few months as certain companies have proposed wind farms in west central Illinois.

Specifically, the company Apex Clean Energy, one of the nation’s largest wind developers out of Charlottesville, Virginia, has proposed a wind farm for a portion of Morgan County. With that proposed wind farm, there have been a number of debates taking place with Morgan County Commissioners meetings in regards to the future of wind farms in the area, specifically the future of the county’s wind ordinance.

Helen Humphries with Apex Clean Energy joined WLDS’ AM Conversation earlier this week to discuss the prospect of a wind farm in Morgan County. Humphreys says her company is focusing on a particular portion of the county.

“Actually we’re looking at the East Central part of Morgan County. I-72 would run directly through the proposed wind farm. Morgan County has a great potential as a wind resource, which is a naturally occurring resource, and our proposed wind farm would service markets in the Midwest.”

Humphries goes over the various advantages that wind energy provides.

“Wind energy creates enough energy potential to power 20 million homes in the United States. Wind energy has become much more efficient, and studies show that wind energy can really improve people’s utility bills.”

Humphries says it’s completely voluntary when a local farm enters into an agreement with a wind energy company such as Apex.

“When a wind farm is constructed or proposed, the company works with landowners and leases land from them, which is a voluntary agreement between the farmers and the wind company. This can impact farmers by stabilizing incomes far into the future.”

To learn more about the prospect of wind farms coming to Morgan County, check out our entire interview with Humphries online at WLDS or WEAI.com. Apex Clean Energy has also produced a website to offer more information in regards to their plans in Morgan County at lincolnlandwind.com.