April Weather

By Gary Scott on May 1, 2024 at 1:30pm

Rainfall and temperatures were up last month in Jacksonville.

The average temperature last month was 55. That’s about 3 degrees warmer than normal.

Average highs last month was 67, and the nightly lows settled at 43.

The gap in the highs and lows is reflected in the range of readings in April. The top reading was a near record 86 on the 15th. The low was 29 on the 6th.

In fact, we were right around freezing on 4 nights, producing a frost warning that made gardeners and farmers nervous.

There were eight nights of readings below 40. Three of the daytime highs climbed above 80.

Rainfall for April, when we are supposed to have our showers, reached 5 and two thirds inches. Normal rainfall for April is just over 4 inches.

There was just under an inch and a half rain on the 2nd, another one inch rainfall on the 28th, and nearly an inch and a half on the 29th. There was some type of precipitation on half of the 30 days in April.

WLDS-WEAI is an official reporting station for the National Weather Service.