Arson charges filed in Robert Gill murder trial

By Ryne Turke on October 31, 2015 at 6:15am

Additional charges were filed yesterday in Morgan County Court against Robert Gill, the Jacksonville man currently on trial for the first-degree murder of Andy Maul.

The local paper reports those charges include two counts of felony arson, which are connected to a fire that destroyed the home of Gill’s ex-son-in-law’s mother, Debbie Bartz.

The aggravated arson charges state Gill set fire to Bartz’s two story house, knowing that she was inside or under reasonable belief that Bartz was inside.

A warrant was issued for Gill’s arrest days after police discovered Maul shot several times in his pickup truck on September 11th.

Gill had been recovering at Memorial Medical Center after suffering injuries from a one-vehicle accident, just miles from the residence of Bartz on Perbix Road.

Gill’s next court date is scheduled for January 6th.