Art slogans from Meredosia teacher to be featured in catalog

By Ryne Turke on September 14, 2015 at 2:46pm

A Meredosia teacher is teaming up with a company in Wisconsin to promote his slogans, known as “Links of Strength.”

Cary Knox has been using “Links of Strength” for nearly a decade. After signing a contract with James Lawrence/Dexfa Company earlier in June, Knox plans to expand on his expression wall art creations.

Knox talks about how “Links of Strength” was created.

“I came up with the concept because I needed people in my life to provide me strength. I started calling those people my links of strength. The message was born during that time and I started to think that maybe this could reach other people than myself,” says Knox.

The company deals with links of strength in an individual, family and life. Knox hopes his company provides hope to people struggling in those areas.

Knox says his wall art is being created this month by James Lawrence/Dexfa and will be featured in the company catalog in January.

“They are putting together a marketing team and are very successful at what they do. They are in seven different countries and in stores like Walmart and Hobby Lobby,” says Knox.

The wall projects will be available for purchase on Amazon.