Prairie Power, Inc. President & CEO Eric Hobbie – Electricity Price Increase, MISO Grid Concerns WOYM 5-18

Jack Meyers – Social Security WOYM 4-20

Rob Thomas – DTE Technologies – Windows 11, Virtualization, Cell Phone Repair Kits WOYM 4-11

State Board of Elections’ Matt Dietrich – Candidate Objections, Independent Candidates, Early Voting WOYM 4-4

Ryne Turke Oscar Prediction Show WOYM 3-2

Antonia Alfano on Kidney Donation WOYM 1-21

Gale Waltrip-Buford Green Memories of the 50 years of the Pony Colt Association WOYM 12-24

Jack Myers – Social Security WOYM 10-20

Brian Bretsch, Ameren-IL, Teen Driver Safety Awareness Week WOYM 10-18

State Senator Steve McClure on Congressional Re-Map, Right of Conscience Act, Parental Notification on Abortion Bill 10-15 WOYM