August Weather

By Gary Scott on September 1, 2021 at 10:23am

Temperatures were up last month, and so was the rain.

            The average reading last month was 75 and two tenths degrees. That’s about 2 degrees above normal.

            A typical high last month was 86, and the average low was 64.

            There were nine days of 90 plus readings. The top mark was 94 on the 28th.  There was one night that the mercury never dropped below 77. That occurred on the 12th.

            Seven of the last eight days hit 90 or better.

            Rainfall for the month checked in at 3 and three quarter inches. That’s slightly above normal by about 3 tenths of an inch.

            It keeps the yearly total well above normal. Jacksonville has received about 33 and a half inches. That’s 6 and 2 thirds inches above normal. That includes about 5 and a half inches above normal in the summer months.

            WLDS-WEAI is a reporting station for the National Weather Service.