Sports Cancellations

Update on Jacksonville Athletics

Girls (V/JV) Softball: The Jacksonville vs. Porta (Varsity/JV) softball contest

scheduled for today (April 14) at Jacksonville  has been canceled.

Sports Cancellations

*Update on Jacksonville Athletics 4/10*
*Boys (Junior Varsity) Baseball*: The *Jacksonville vs. Springfield* *(JuniorVarsity)* baseball contest at *Jacksonville* (Pony Colt) today, Monday, April 10 has been postponed.

Sports Cancellations

Jacksonville Update

*Boys (Junior Varsity) Baseball*: *Beardstown** vs. Jacksonville** (Junior
Varsity) *baseball contest at *Beardstown* today, Thursday, March 30th has
been cancelled.

All Jacksonville athletic contests for Thursday, March 30th have been postponed.

Baseball (Varsity DH vs Springfield) (JV vs Beardstown), Softball (Varsity DH vs

Springfield) and Girls Track (Rushville Invite).

Sport Cancellations

Boys (Varsity) Baseball: Jacksonville vs. Springfield (Varsity DH) baseball contest has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 30th at Jacksonville (Lenz Field) (4:30pm).

Girls (Varsity) Softball: Jacksonville vs. Springfield (Varsity DH) softball contest has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 30th at Jacksonville (Lenz Field) (4:30pm).

Sports Cancellations

*Update on Jacksonville Athletics*

*Boys (Varsity) Baseball*: The *Springfield** vs. Jacksonville** (Varsity) *baseball contest at *Springfield* (Robin Roberts) today, Tuesday, March 28th has been postponed.  This contest has been rescheduled for Thursday,March 30th at Springfield (Robin Roberts) (4:30pm).

*Boys (Junior Varsity) Baseball*: The *Springfield** vs. Jacksonville** (Junior Varsity) *baseball contest at *Springfield* (LLCC) today, Tuesday, March 28th will be played as scheduled at Springfield (LLCC) (4:30pm).

*Girls (V/JV) Softball*: The *Springfield vs. Jacksonville** (Varsity and JV) *softball contest at Springfield (UIS) today, Tuesday, March 28th has been postponed.  This contest has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 30th at Springfield (UIS) (4:30pm).

*Girls (V/JV) Soccer*: The *Jacksonville vs. Springfield (Varsity and JV) * soccer contest at Jacksonville today, Tuesday, March 28th will be played as scheduled at Jacksonville, Alumni Field. (5:00pm, Varsity First)

*Tuesday 3/28/17*
Today’s games are cancelled.

*Wednesday 3/29/17*
HS Track at Jacksonville 4:00PM, Bus 3:00PM
*Meet the Coach Night 7:00PM in the HS Commons*
*- NG Football Coach Barry Creviston*

*Thursday 3/30/17*
HS Baseball at Southwestern 4:30PM, Bus 3:00PM
HS Softball at Southwestern 4:30PM, Bus 3:00PM
HS Track at Southwestern 4:00PM, Bus 2:45PM

*Friday 3/31/17*
No Activities Scheduled

*Saturday 4/1/17*
HS Baseball at Athens Triangle 12:00PM, Bus 10:00AM
HS Softball at Athens Triangle 12:00PM, Bus 10:00AM

*Monday 4/3/17*
HS Baseball at Litchfield 4:30PM, Bus 2:30PM
HS Softball at Litchfield 4:30PM, Bus 2:30PM

*Tuesday 4/4/17*
HS Baseball at Greenfield 4:30PM, Bus 3:15PM
HS Softball at Greenfield 4:30PM, Bus 3:15PM
JH Track at Auburn 4:30PM, Bus 3:00PM

*Wednesday 4/5/17*
HS Track at Pittsfield 4:30PM, Bus 3:15PM

*Thursday 4/6/17*
HS Baseball at Home vs. Greenfield 4:30PM
HS Softball at Home vs. Greenfield 4:30PM

*Friday 4/7/17*
No Activities Scheduled

*Saturday 4/8/17*
JH Track at Rochester Invitational 9:00AM, Bus 7:00AM
HS JV Baseball DH at East Alton Wood River 11:00AM, Bus 9:15AM
HS Play “Happy Days” 7:00PM (East Gym)

*Sunday 4/9/17*
HS Play “Happy Days” 2:00PM (East Gym)

Marquise Jackson arrested in connection with January shooting

23-year old Marquise Jackson was arrested yesterday by the Jacksonville Police Department on charges of aggravated discharge of a firearm in connection to the shooting that took place on the 7-hundred block of South Church St on January 19th.
Marquise Jackson is the brother of Marcus Jackson, who was allegedly murdered by Avery Berry in October of last year. Trenton Jackson was arrested following the January shooting that allegedly targeted a member of the Berry family. No one was injured in the shooting.
According to JPD Lieutenant Walker, Marquise was named by the victim of the shooting, as well as other witnesses of the shooting, during the course of the investigation. Marquise was arrested during a traffic stop, where officers also allegedly found controlled substances, less than 2.5 grams of cannabis, and that Marquise was driving with a revoked or suspended license.
At the time of the shooting incident, JPD Lieutenant Cox said he didn’t believe the shooting was connected to the murder of Marcus Jackson and subsequent arrest of Avery Berry, but did believe it was connected to an ongoing dispute between the two families. Marquise Jackson is being held on $10,000 bond.

Continued discussion of combined dispatch center

Last night’s meeting of Jacksonville’s Public Protection Committee featured the presentation and discussion of the first real plan to combine the area’s dispatch centers under one roof.

With the end goal of combining all of the dispatch centers serving Morgan County into one building, the plan laid down the details for a proposed separate dispatch building to house the estimated 10-12 full-time dispatchers required. Under the current plan, Morgan County, Jacksonville, South Jacksonville, and Passavant Hospital would all have their dispatch needs serviced by one dispatch center.

Everyone attending the meeting, which did not include representatives from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department or Passavant, agreed that combining the dispatch centers needed to happen. The real issues on the table were how the new organization would be structured, and who would be paying for it.

Phil McCarty, 911 Director, Morgan County Emergency Management Director, and the presenter of the plan, says this is to be expected at this stage in the planning process.

“We’re still working towards that. We’re going to find a fair formula for all government entities to buy in and to fund the operation. Its a matter that we all work together to find out what the best solution is. My proposal is the first one, but we’re still working to find out what works best for the city, what works best for the county, and what works best for everyone at hand. We had to have somewhere to start, and this is a good place.”

Currently, South Jacksonville and Passavant Area Hospital have a contract with the City of Jacksonville for dispatch services to the tune of $90,000 per year, so the burden of setting up and operating this new dispatch center falls on Jacksonville and Morgan County. The early figures presented at the meeting estimated the total cost for the dispatch center will be around $700,000 a year.

The plan currently calls for a 55-45 split between the City and the County for the costs of setting up and maintaining the proposed dispatch center. Morgan County’s portion of the budget is further split with 911 Illinois, meaning the City of Jacksonville will be responsible for almost $280,000, and Morgan County will pay around $120,000 yearly.

Despite the costs, McCarty remains optimistic about the future of combined dispatch.

“We’re all just really trying to get the structure behind it. I think it’s a good thing for the county, it’s just going to take all of us working together to get there. No doubt, we’ve got the right people to make it happen.”

The last, and possibly biggest, hurdle to the implementation of this plan is the question of who the new dispatchers will answer to. Currently dispatchers are employed by the specific department they dispatch for, and answer to that department. While it may be more efficient to have all dispatchers in Morgan County under one roof, the question of who they will answer to is still up in the air.

Last night may have been the last MacMurray College Choir Concert

There’s concern that last night’s MacMurray College choir concert might be the last performance for the group.

During last night’s concert, Director Peter Miller led the vocalists in performances ranging from Johann Bach to “The Rainbow Connection” from The Muppet Movie. The concert went well and was well attended, but Miller says he was told Thursday that he will not be returning to Mac in the coming year.

“The division chair for humanities told me yesterday, officially, that I was not going to be returning, I would not have a position, and there would be no music courses offered. We have a website and it lists all of the courses we are going to be teaching, that semester and the one coming up. So, all my courses for next fall were listed one day, and the next day it was blank.”

MacMurray officials made the decision last October to cut a variety of programs, including the music minor that Miller is the director of, from the curriculum. Officials cited a lack of student interest in these programs as the reason for the cuts.

Many of last night’s performers aren’t actually students at Mac. Some are recent graduates or community volunteers. The program for the concert listed graduates from as far back as 1963 participating as guest vocalists, with only 6 of the 23 participants being listed as active students of MacMurray College.

This doesn’t mean the end of choir at Mac, says Miller, and there are some options for those who still wish to continue their music education.

“It’ll be offered as a student activity through the student activities program. It will be an extra-curricular activity, there won’t be a faculty member there to advise it, supervise it, or direct. A student will have to step up and take leadership and run rehearsals and teach notes. If they do accompanied music they will need someone else to play piano besides. I don’t know how much structure or organization or leadership that offers, but I imagine a few students will get together and try to keep it going”

In an op-ed published in the Jacksonville city newspaper this week, MacMurray Provost Dr. James Maxwell said it’s the school’s intention to provide continued support for the choir.

Maxwell said the loss of the music minor has “not been an ideal situation” and that the school is working towards a smooth transition for students.

Controversy over transparency in Winchester school budget cuts

Over 20 teachers, school-bus drivers, and members of the staff of Winchester Community School District made a show of support for transparency at yesterday’s meeting of the Winchester District School Board. A representative from the Illinois Federation of Teachers was in attendance, as well as Candace Miller, the president of the South Scott Federation of Teachers Local 4140.

They showed up in support of Tara Moore, who addressed the board and presented them with her concerns over the Board’s funding policies for class field trips and travel expenses. Moore has been a teacher for over 35 years, and says the billing of school departments – sometimes up to $700 per trip – will stifle education. In her statement to the board, Moore asked the School Board President to be more transparent with the decision making process and policy changes before implementing the decision.

The School Board responded to Moore following the meeting.

“We are open for suggestions, anytime, anything you guys can come up with, we are more than welcome (sic) to hear them. As of right now the board feels like that there still will be a charge. Right now we don’t have any ideas to go anywhere, not that it can’t be tweaked or come up with better solutions,” the board member said.

“Or maybe somebody might sponsor for them. Moore Farms could write you a check for that, or somebody. We’ll work on that, but as of right now we don’t have any other solution”

The last item on the agenda of the Board meeting was an executive session in which personnel would be discussed, and the hiring, firing, tenure, and contract extensions of teachers and staff would be finalized for the coming year. Candace Miller, the President of the South Scott Federation of Teachers, summarized the end of the executive session.

“We were hoping for some information concerning cuts. And in the past the Board of Education has come out of an executive session and given a list of employees that would be riffed, re-hired, or not rehired. So at this time the Board Meeting has ended and the School Board did not gone through the list of employees. We are checking to see if this is a violation of the Open Meetings Act.”

The School Board unanimously approved all hirings, firings, and riffs, which are reductions in force, or moving full-time employees down to part time. However none of the actual information has yet been released. The School Board declined to comment at this time. For more information on the Open Meetings Act, visit this link to read the Illinois Act.

Jacksonville man arrested for making Meth in car

36-year old Mario Sommerio the 1-thousand block of Hachett was arrested by Morgan County Deputies at around 9:00 last night at the 2-thousand block of W Morton. According to a statement released by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, Sommerio was pulled over for a traffic stop at around 9:00 p.m.

During the course of the stop, he was discovered to allegedly be in possession of 8 grams of methamphetamine, as well as an active meth lab. The Morgan County Sheriff’s Department was assisted by the Jacksonville Police Department, Illinois State Police, Illinois State Police Meth Response Team, and the Central Illinois Enforcement Group.

Sommerio was booked at the Morgan County Jail and charged with possession of methamphetamine over 5 grams, aggravated participation in methamphetamine manufacturing, possession of methamphetamine manufacturing material, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Sommerio remains in police custody.