“Autism A-Z” author to start CEC99 workshop series

By Benjamin Cox on September 13, 2018 at 12:06pm

A learning seminar will be presented today at Hamilton’s on North East.

The Council for Exceptional Children Chapter 99 workshop series for 2018 to 2019 will begin this evening with a presentation from Barbara Doyle, co-author with her sister of the 2004 comprehensive book titled “Autism Spectrum Disorders A-Z”. Doyle will offer an in-depth analysis of lessons learned from special education and application of strategies for guiding children with autism with her presentation, “Building Success for Individuals with Autism.”

Bev Johns is the Program Chair of the Council for Exceptional Children’s 99th chapter.

“is one of the earliest chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Our mission is to promote the education and welfare of students with disabilities and who are gifted and talented. In many cases, our students can be twice exceptional, both having a disability and being talented and gifted. We work very hard to promote programs, train staff, and build awareness of the needs of children with disabilities so that parents and educators can all work together to help our children be successful in school.”

Johns and CEC chapter 99 graciously welcome the return of a celebrated professional.

“We are excited to be kicking off this year’s set of programs by having Barbara Doyle back. She was with us about four years ago and is a tremendous speaker. She has a lot of practical strategies that both parents and educators can utilize building on the strengths of our students with autism. She also is the author of a book that a few years ago won a National Outstanding Book Award from the Autism Society of America. We’re very pleased to have Ms. Doyle back in Jacksonville.”

Johns says the price of admission includes a chicken dinner and all handouts provided.

“Provided that teachers bring their license number, they are able to get ongoing professional development credit for attending. The meeting is still open, although we already have a very large turnout. Please go online to register, or call me or send me an email to attend. We have a fried chicken dinner, and the registration also includes all of the handouts that Barbara Doyle has kindly provided in reference to what she will be talking about and the professional development credit.”

Johns says this evening’s event will be the first of 5 in the seminar series.

“During the course of the school year, we will have 5 educational programs, and then at our banquet at the end of the year we honor families and students and educators who have done outstanding work for children with disabilities and those who are gifted and talented. Thanks to some grants we have been awarded, we offer free registrations for both para-educators and parents to be able to attend these workshops. Our next program will be in October and will cover children with vision problems. Other programs later in the series include presentations on Oppositional Defiance Disorders and a Universal Design for Learning.”

You can call Bev Johns at (217) 473-1790 or send an email to bevjohns@juno.com. The Council for Exceptional Children Chapter 99 website is cec99.org.