Beef representative responds to claims that processed meat causes cancer

By Ryne Turke on October 29, 2015 at 11:50am

A recent report indicating processed meats and red meats increase your risk of cancer shouldn’t keep West Central Illinois residents from asking “Where’s the Beef?”

That’s according to Illinois Beef Association Vice President Reid Blossom who says lean beef can be part of an overall healthy lifestyle that can decrease your risk of cancer.

“The research time and time again shows if you want to reduce your risk of chronic disease, like cancer, you should live a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and watching your diet.”

The World Health Organization recently released data showing meat can increase your chances of getting cancer by 17 percent.

Blossom says lean beef is a nutrient rich food and should be highlighted as a positive food source.

“While there may be some review of literature that shows a risk, the positives of protein, B Vitamins, zinc and iron far outweigh any risk.”

Blossom adds it’s not fair to group meat with cigarettes, which increase the risk of cancer by two thousand percent.