BJ’s borrowed by Bogie’s/Bogart’s bigwigs

By Gary Scott on November 19, 2015 at 2:16pm

With new owners, renovation of a popular West Morton restaurant is underway.

BJ’s Restaurant recently closed and has been picked up on a lease by Brad and Kim Fellhauer, the owners of Bogie’s Restaurant and Bogart’s Banquet Hall.

The sign outside the diner says, as a joke, that BJ’s is closed for cleaning, and that it will “probably” take two years, according to Brad Fellhauer.

“The place had gotten in some disrepair as far as cleanliness and other things. We’ve already been in there working on it for two weeks, we’ve got another month just to clean,” says Fellhauer.

“We’re excited, we’ve got an awful lot of work to do, we’re doing some relatively extensive remodeling on the inside, the bathrooms. The main thing is cleaning. We’ve had four people in there almost everyday for the last two weeks, and we realistically still have another four five weeks,” he adds.

Fellhauer says the menu won’t change a lot from what the restaurant had before it closed.

“More of the mom and pop stuff. We do have some things at our restaurant, Bogie’s, and we will be taking some of those out there,” he says. “They’re not things that are common on other menus in town but people seem to like them . So, there will be a little bit of variance there. Other than that, the menu will likely stay close to the same.”

Fellhauser says it could take a couple of months before the restaurant re-opens.