Boil Order Linked to White Hall Fire

By Benjamin Cox on February 1, 2017 at 11:09am

The Greene County Rural Water District has issued a boil order until at least tomorrow. The Water District decided to place the order after one of their hydrants was tapped yesterday battling the White Hall Fire.

Heather Stone, the Office Supervisor for the Greene County Rural Water District explains that the order was placed as a precaution.

“White hall and all the rest of the fire stations that came down, pulled off one of our fire hydrants, which caused a loss of pressure in our system. So to be on the safe side we went ahead and put the whole system on boil order.”

Stone explains that there wasn’t any damage or contamination of the water system

“We do recommend that if you are wanting to drink the water that you boil it for 5 to 7 minutes, it’s safe to shower in. This is not due to a break or dirt or anything in the line, it’s just the significant loss of pressure due to helping out the situation that happened in White Hall.”

Stone explained that the boil order should be lifted tomorrow, pending results from testing done by the District’s water operator, Charlie Rives.

“ Normally it takes close to a day, by the time Charlie takes samples. He has to go out into our system and take a certain amount of samples. Then he will take them to St. Louis for testing and it usually takes about a day, by the time they test them and we get them back.”

The boil order is expected to be lifted tomorrow.