Book closed on 2014 weather records in Jacksonville

By Gary Scott on January 3, 2015 at 9:07am

December saw a couple of days where we came within three degrees of the record high temperature, when we hit 62 degrees on the 1st and 56 degrees on the 14th.

Overall, our average temperature was 35.2 degrees, which is a few degrees higher than the norm.

Precipitation-wise, we received 0.94 inches, including an inch of snow. Those number are both well below the normal amount, but we didn’t set any record lows.

Overall, Jacksonville got 42.17 inches of precip this past year, and just a fraction under 30 inches of snow. We average 37.05 inches of precipitation and 19.05 inches of snow, so in 2014, it was a bit wetter and snowier than usual.