Boundary Updates, State Funding issues highlight District 117 Board Meeting

By Gary Scott on March 16, 2017 at 8:02am

District 117 board members discussed a number of topics last night, from the latest boundary updates to the lack of state funding.

Beginning with the Committee of the Whole meeting, the board heard a study by Superintendent Steve Ptacek on the demographic impact of the elementary school re-boundary process.

Ptacek says he conducted a lengthy analysis on district demographics and how they could be impacted by a redrawing of school boundaries.

While Ptacek initially thought the re-boundary process might create substantial changes to district demographics, he says his analysis instead indicates a minimal impact.

Another subject discussed at last night’s board meeting dealt with how the district might potentially be affected by the continued lack of state funding.

Ptacek says the district has already not been paid $2.4 million dollars in categorical payments, which are reimbursements for special education and transportation. He says they’re also concerned about not getting full GSA payments and a potential upcoming property tax freeze.

Ptacek explains that the district needs to start considering cost-saving measures in the case that state funding issues get worse.

Other items included the adoption of a board policy which prohibits political activity by members of the board, as well as the consideration of a memoranda of understanding with the Jacksonville Education Association.