Boy Scouts host 3rd Community Leadership Recognition Ceremony

By Ryne Turke on October 15, 2015 at 7:23am

Past and present members of the Boy Scouts of America will be at Hamilton’s tonight for the 3rd Annual Community Leadership Recognition Ceremony.

Honest Abe District Executive Jerry Daniels, who represents Scott, Morgan, Cass and Greene Counties, appeared on WLDS’ “What’s On Your Mind?” to talk about the event.

Daniels notes there are few hundred kids involved in the local scouts program and Thursday’s ceremony gives recognition to those that have provided a helping hand over the year.

“We recognize an individual and business in the Jacksonville area that exemplifies the virtues of scouting. People give back to the community and display community service. We try and teach our young men to be good community service leaders. This is a good way to recognize those people.”

A local committee selected independent contractor and scout enthusiast Dale Shafer as the 2015 individual community leadership award winner.

“What brought his attention to us was the area’s Avenue of Flags. The Lion’s Club start that many years ago and Dale has been a major part of that. At least six times a year, he and a small crew put up 126 flags down there at Community Park. It takes a lot of effort but he has gotten it down to a fine science.”

RP Lumber was picked as the business leadership nominee.

“The one here locally has been helping out the the United Way Warrior Dash and Habitat For Humanity. RP Lumber has been a go-to business for our Eagle Scouts.”

The guest speaker will be Jacksonville High School basketball coach Sean Taylor. The award presentation starts at 5:45.