BREAKING: Crews battling fire on Main Street in White Hall

By Gary Scott on January 31, 2017 at 10:51am

Another fire has been reported this morning…this time in Greene County.

Multiple reports indicate that there is a structure fire taking place in the 100 block of North Main Street in White Hall.

As many as seven or eight different emergency agencies are on the scene.

WLDS-WEAI News was on the scene and spoke with White Hall Fire Chief Garry Sheppard, who would not identify what he believed the cause of the fire was.

“Actually we’ve got a pretty good idea but I don’t really know. It started at 119 North Main…that’s all I can tell you right now. We’ve probably got about 125 firefighters here,” says Shepherd.

Sheppard says the fire spread to a building that contained an apartment.

“Currently, there was someone living in the property. The building that we’re working on right now is a used furniture store. At this point we’ve got it under control, we don’t have it out by a long stretch, but we do have it pretty well under control. We’ll be here for quite a while mopping up, but my concern was the bank and then stopping it on the south end, which we successfully stopped it on the south end early. But the north end, we could not keep it contained, the wall fell on that old building and from then on we had nothing but problems,” Sheppard explains.

Sheppard does not believe there were any injuries, but downtown White Hall lost multiple buildings.

“There’s probably three buildings that are completely destroyed. The building to the south, which was unoccupied by anybody, was just full of junk,” says Sheppard.

Crews remain on the scene, dousing fires, and have started the clean up process.

Emergency agencies on the scene included: White Hall Fire Department, Carrollton Fire, Winchester Fire, Manchester Fire, Woodson Fire, Greenfield Fire, Roodhouse Fire, North Scott Fire Protection, Murrayville Fire, South Jacksonville Fire, Rockbridge Fire and USDOT Crop Protection Services.

WLDS-WEAI will provide any further information as it becomes available.