Wells Center closing detox program

By Gary Scott on September 4, 2015 at 1:56pm

The Wells Center in Jacksonville is closing its detoxification program, effective at the beginning of next month.

Executive Director Bruce Carter says the services will be discontinued due to the continuing budget impasse and budget reductions by the State of Illinois.

According to a press release, Wells Center provides sub-acute detox for patients under the influence of or withdrawing from the use of alcohol or other drugs, with medical monitoring offered 24 hours a day.

Carter says Wells Center serves an average of 30 patients per month in the program.

“It’s certainly going to be permanent for the near future. We view this as a very needed service in continuance care in our community, and we had hoped to be able to bring it back, but in the near future, I think that we will have to keep it closed,” says Carter.

“It was a matter of, with the budget impasse and not much money coming in, we have to take a look at where we can make cuts so that we don’t endanger the entire operation.”

Carter says about half of the program’s funding came from the state, with the other half coming from a combination of Medicaid and private insurance.

“For many people this is the beginning point in treatment. The nearest detox programs now are in Quincy and Decatur, so unfortunately it does not leave them with a lot of good options,” he says.

The shut-down of the detox program will result in ten layoffs, according to Carter.