Burrus Seed to be highlighted by “American Farmer” on RFD-TV

By Benjamin Cox on March 9, 2018 at 12:30pm

A local seed company is getting ready for the small screen. Burrus Seed, a multi-generational family owned seed company based in Arenzville and Jacksonville, was asked to be on American Farmer. The show airs on RFD-TV on Tuesday mornings at 7:30.

American Farmer plans to air a 8-10 minute segment. The show showcases the latest advancements in agriculture and farming. American Farmer also highlights the company, the people, places and issues impacting local areas.

Burrus Seed Communications Lead Associate Olivia Rahe explains how far they are into production.

“We just started working on the script with RFD’s team. We are looking forward to confirming those details in the next few weeks, we will have an early May shoot date planned. All of the shooting will take place at Arenzville production facility, which we are excited about. That’s where the company started and that’s the heart of business. We are excited to share that view with the nationwide audience” Rahe said.

Burrus Seed was founded in 1935 and still is a privately owned company that’s operated here in West Central Illinois. Rahe talks about why American Farmer decided to do a segment with the company.

“We are really excited for it. Being a family owned business in a small area, sometimes it’s tough to get your message out, but we are really excited to share our story with a larger audience. I think they were just drawned to the story of Burrus,as a company. Being a family business and it’s been owned since 1935 and in recent years, who ever follows the seed industry, with all the major consolidation that’s taken place, I think they were intrigued by the story of a company that survives and thrives in this environment.”said Rahe.

Filming begins in May and the segment will air in the 3rd quarter of 2018. Check your local listings for show times and to see how you can watch RFD-TV.

Burrus Hybrids produces seed corn and soy beans. The company also sells alfalfa seed.