C.D. Davidsmeyer endorsed by the NRA

By Benjamin Cox on March 18, 2018 at 10:30am

A local state representative is getting an endorsement from the nation’s largest rife organization.

100th House District Republican Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer has received an endorsement from the National Rife Association. The NRA’s Political Victory Fund gave Davidsmeyer an “A” rating for “being a solid pro-gun/pro-hunting candidate who is an advocate for the right to keep and bear arms.”

Davidsmeyers says he appreciate the NRA endorsement.

“That A rating means I stood strong and supported the second amendment. Times like this where horrible things are happening around the nation, we have to insure that people who make a decision to not exercise those rights, don’t take away those rights from others. The majority of people out there, the high majority, the 99.9% of people are not causing the problems, we have to figure out what’s wrong with the .0001% and move forward on issues like that.” Daivdsmeyer said.

In the wake of the recent school shooting and the many tragedies involving guns, Davidsmeyer says his hearts go out to those who have lost their lives by the hands of people breaking the law.

Davidsmeyer says he will stand up against the gun-grabbing agenda of liberal politician and he will fight for the people who follow the law.

“There’s been a number of gun bills that have been through the House and the Senate and it’s a very difficult thing but taking away guns from law abiding people, does not fix the real problem. These things will still happen. We need to be talking about mental health, bullying, home life, those are the things that we should talk about to make sure people aren’t put in a mental state where they want to go out and do these things.” Davidsmeyer said.

Davidsmeyer recently voted against Senate Bill 1657, a bill where the state of Illinois would require small independent gun shops to have a license. The bill was ultimately vetoed by Governor Bruce Rauner. Davidsmeyer explains why he was against it.

“It was real interesting because they were only going after the independent gun shops. Not the big shops like the Walmarts. They wouldn’t have to be monitored by the state but all the little guys would have to go through paying the state of Illinois by paying a licensing fee. It would just be a money grab because the state does not have the resources to go into every gun shop and monitor what is going on. That’s what the federal government does, I think it was a money grab by the state of Illinois. ” said Davidsmeyer.

The incumbent representative is seeking re-election and this Tuesday, March 20th,you may cast your vote in the primary. WLDS/WEAI as we will have up to date election coverage.