Candidate for sheriff facing felony charges picked for…jury duty?

By Gary Scott on September 24, 2014 at 7:44am

Try to wrap your head around this lede: A Greene County Sheriff candidate facing felony charges of jury tampering has been selected for jury duty.

The Jacksonville Journal-Courier reports Luke Lamb was among 150 names called for potential jury duty in October, around the same time he’s set to go to trial on charges of unlawful communication with a juror.

Appellate prosecutor Ed Parkinson says Lamb tried to get a jury member to vote “not guilty” or “hang the jury if necessary” during a trial in Greene County Circuit Court in January. The conversation allegedly happened on Facebook. During the trial, Roberta Lockhart was found not guilty of speeding in a school zone.

Lamb was charged in April and asked for a jury trial in June, which is set for October 20th.

Lamb is running against incumbent Rob McMillen in the sheriff’s race. The two candidates are scheduled to appear on “What’s On Your Mind?” on WLDS on October 10th.