Carrollton approves police committee

By Ryne Turke on May 16, 2015 at 12:30pm

In an effort to improve communication throughout the city, Carrollton is moving forward with the creation of a police committee.

The police committee, which will consist of three council members, was approved during the Tuesday board meeting.

Alderwoman Susie Keller is credited with being the first to push for a police committee. Keller says she got the idea after listening to residents of Carrollton voice their concerns about the police department.

“I heard some problems that they had been having with the police, but it wasn’t all negative,” says Keller.

“Carrollton didn’t have a police committee that resident can come speak with and discuss their problems and concerns. I thought that was weird that we didn’t have some avenue that the residents could come speak, without having to be at full council.”

After speaking with councils around Carrollton, Keller learned it was common practice to have police committees meet once a month to handle concerns in the city.

Keller says this will give council a “snapshot” of the police activity over the previous month.

“Whether it be arrests, traffic tickets, ordinance violations or problems the police are having. That way it isn’t eating up the council time for the board meeting,” says Keller.

Three board members, including Keller, volunteered to serve on the committee. Mayor Pro-tem Dewain Freand will appoint the members of the committee by the next meeting.