Carrollton committee could make recommendation on future of police chief soon

By Gary Scott on June 2, 2015 at 1:00pm

A video circulating from from citizen Luke Lamb online shows Carrollton Police Chief Kenny Kallal apparently sitting in his office yesterday while on administrative leave, and next door to a police committee meeting that was in executive session.

A committee in Carrollton held its first meeting since the city’s police chief was placed on administrative leave yesterday.

The police committee, which consists of three city council members, held a meeting to determine how to move forward after Police Chief Kenny Kallal was placed on leave last week. The committee was formed after residents of Carrollton voiced their concerns about the police department in previous meetings.

Committee members heard from a half-dozen people in executive session over a four-hour period, according to Chairwoman Susie Keller, including from Kallal himself. Greene County State’s Attorney Caleb Briscoe reportedly was also in attendance.

Keller expects a recommendation to be made to the full Carrollton board by next Monday’s City Council meeting.

“As the committee meeting closed yesterday, we took everyone’s comments and now as a board, we’re going to continue until Friday at 1:00 so we can take all of their comments and talk amongst the committee and make a recommendation to the board,” she says.

The meeting wasn’t without controversy, as Keller explains the committee was made aware that Kallal was apparently sitting next door in the police chief’s office while the meeting was happening. She says action was taken by Mayor Pro-Tem Dewayne Freand.

“We were in there, so the doors were shut, so I’m not exactly sure where this all took place, but when the door opened, we as a committee were told that was happening, so Mr. Freand made a decision and asked Mr. Kallal to leave,” says Keller.

According to Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen, a phone call was placed from a citizen who wanted to know why Kallal was allowed to be in his office while on administrative leave. McMillen says Kallal also called the sheriff’s department requesting officers arrive at City Hall.

Carrollton police officers and Greene County deputies reportedly arrived, and McMillen says the situation was under control by the time his deputy showed up.

Next Monday’s meeting is at 7 p.m.